Plumbing services

We are very proud of the standards our engineers have reached by working with us. Here at Kapital Construction all our plumbers are registered with the relevant level3 NVQ certificate. Plumbing is a trade that has to be taken very seriously. If one thing was to go amiss it can put one on ways harm. That’s why we insist on all our plumbers to do a revision test every 5 years to ensure they are up to date with the latest safety procedures

Water Heater repair and replacement
Where would we be without hot water? Hot water heaters are critical for washing dishes, clothes, and yourself.  If you find yourself with little or no hot water, allow our engineersto help fix what has been broken and get you your hot water back. While our skilled team can usually repair hot water heaters, in some instances, units are old and require replacing. However, we will do everything we can to save you time, money, and aggravation in a thorough manner investigating the unit as well as other potential causes of a lack of hot water.

Emergency Plumbing Services
If your sump pump is failing or you find a small water escape, don’t wait until the last minute. If you do, you might find that the expense of damages is remarkably more than calling one of our emergency plumbers to help you. Our emergency plumbers recognise the importance of quickly responding to calls, as even several minutes could potentially mean disastrous damages, depending on the leak or problem. When you call us, we assure that we will have an emergency plumber arriving at your location within one hour. How many other plumbing and pipe repair companies can say that?

Kapitalconstruction can work with you to come up with a yearly inspection schedule for plumbing maintenance and boiler servicing so you have an easier time of remembering when it’s time to have your boiler inspected.

Some of the advantages of yearly plumbing inspections include:

→ Avoiding increased water bills caused from leaking pipes
→ Having less of a chance of needing an emergency plumber
→ Avoiding water damage to your floor boards and electronic equipment
→ Decreasing the possibility of dangerous fumes coming out of the boiler due to incomplete combustion.

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