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The truth is that most homeowners don’t think about water heaters until they stop heating water. People live with a common habit of taking things for granted as long as they become a big trouble. But if you keep ignoring the performance of your water heaters so long, they can actually pose a big burden on your savings. The busy life routines do not allow us to take care of appliances at home and we often notice the trouble when the system is completely damaged. In such situations, professionals can assist us better to handle all minor as well as major problems of heating appliances.

Sometimes the trouble with water heating system can be caused just because of thermostat or the cut off switch. Note that, the general lifespan of water heaters uses to be 10 to 15 years but they provide maximum efficiency only when they receive proper maintenance and repair services time to time. They can even serve you longer if you follow professional opinion to enhance their performance. Generally, the repair process of gas water heaters includes testing pilot operation, repositioning, retightening or replacing thermocouples, replacing anode or pressure/temperature relief valve. Technicians can identify the fault with ease and they can replace it fast to ease your routines instantly. Note that, a well-maintained water heater also consumes less energy and can help you to save on monthly bills.

Heating & Boiler Services – Replacing your gas or combi boiler is one of the more expensive domestic exercises you will undertake therefore ensure that you install the right product and employ a affordable and reliable company. Our team of Gas Safe registered engineers will install your boiler quickly and efficiently. We are fully insured and all our work comes with a guarantee – We provide up to 3 years guarantee on our boiler installation.

Radiator installation – We mantain rediators and can remove them or replace them for you if neccessery. We will not reccomend a new radiator unless you really need it.

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