Electric Hot Water Heater Repair & Troubleshooting

The hot water heaters appear somewhat similar to that of gas-fuelled heating units. Both of them make use of an insulated storage tank jacket that is made up of steel material. There used to be a special insulation arrangement between tank jacket and storage tank to reduce the loss of heat so that water temperature can be maintained so long.

The electric water heaters make use of upper and lower heating element as compared to the gas burner in the gas water heaters. In order to understand the concept clearly, think like the gas water heaters make use of a heating system that works same as gas furnace whereas the electric water heaters use to follow mechanism same as an electric oven.

Homeowners in London are much dependent on water heaters; any trouble in the system cannot be tolerated so long. Hence, it is always important to avail on-time assistance for executing repair and maintenance services.

Some of the most common issues observed with electric water heaters are:

  • It does not provide hot water.
  • Improper temperature; water is either too hot or cold as compared to set temperature.
  • Leakage in pipes or water storage tanks.
  • Rusty or odorous water.
  • Noisy operation and higher energy consumption.


All these issues are frustrating and demand instant service to restore the normal operation. Whether it demands replacement of heating element, a faulty thermostat or damaged pipes, the repair facility is always required on instant basis. Once you hire professionals from property maintenance services, they will ensure a quick visit to your home. The process of troubleshooting involves testing of wiring, internal parts, pipes and water storage tank as well. The expert technicians can identify trouble within very less time and can repair it as soon as possible with right precautions. They will replace damaged parts with new ones and the repairable ones will be tuned to normal operation within very less time. Soon you will be able to start with normal home routines.

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